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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:14 min
she’s her clone she has all her thoughts and memories, so she knows the code to get in. Normal Lydia relaxes a bit, then realizes how big her clone is. She asks why her clone is so large. Clone Lydia responds something like “Well, clones are only able to do and perform anything their DNA host is able to do. That means that you have this ability too. When I was sitting here waiting, I just started growing and I didn’t know how to stop or shrink back down. I was going to ask you. Do you not know you can grow?” Normal Lydia pauses to digest the information she just received. “I can…. grow?” Clone Lydia: “Apparently. I’d like to shrink down now, I’ve been getting cramps from being crammed in here all day” Clone Lydia begins to focus on shrinking, only to grow even more. She breaks through the ceiling as Normal Lydia freaks out. Scene 3 The scene changes to Clone Lydia standing through the ceiling of the house in the middle of a city. She looks around and is impressed with her new size. She then started walking around the city, creating disturbances and chaos with every step she took. She picks up someone and holds them really close to her face, saying something, and eats them. She continues through the city. She picks up a car and rubs it all over her (Using FX people) Include a shot where she’s in the position below, looking forward at the tiny people, examining them closely. She says something like “Humans are so weak and pathetic” before crushing them with her hand. Zoom in on her face close to the ground as she’s talking to a tiny that pales in comparison to the size of her head. Also, include a shot from the perspective of inside a skyscraper with her face taking up the whole window. The whole time she’s boasting about how easy it is to cause all this destruction and chaos. Scene...
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