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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:10 min
that she does not need even the proper technique to defeat any opponent. Her strength and athleticism remind us of Amazon Wendy, a volleyball player as well. The Amazon Annika (6 feet tall, 205 pounds) comes over to watch Peyton Pythons wrestle and perhaps try some wrestling herself. Although Annika has never wrestled before, she appears to enjoy it after watching Peyton apply some holds. As Annika is so huge and powerful, she does not even need to have good technique to destroy anyone. Her athleticism and strength remind me of Amazon Wendy, who also played volleyball. Pythons brings Annika over to watch her wrestle and perhaps even participate. After watching Peyton apply some holds, Amazon Annika (6 feet tall, 205 pounds) starts wrestling and appears to enjoy it. The sheer size and power of Annika makes her a devastation to any opponent. She does not even need the proper technique, her sheer size and power are enough to do the job....
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