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to the table while she casually chews on the tinies.

Flori gathers all of the tinies that have managed to escape her teeth – sticking them back in the house – knowing that if any survive, theyll never leave without permission again. “Oh, there is one more.” She says, looking your shivering and traumatized form in the eye.

“So... all your friends are (no longer alive). Im sorry about it.” she says, holding you in the palm of her hand, still chewing on the fragments of people who you once knew. She pulls one of the bodies from her mouth, “Oh, Im sorry... this one no longer has a head.” She finds the crushed head stuck between her teeth and sets it on the body in her palm, with you, before sweeping it to the floor.

“Let me think what I should do.” She quickly sets you down on a chair when she notices another tiny trying to hide in the corner, and grabs him instead. Flori begins to lecture him about leaving the house – you look up from the white plain of the wooden chair as she turns around. A rush of wind surrounds you as her black thong approaches at inescapable speeds - she...

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