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front side as the cloak slowly rises up. As the cloak rises and the dress stands fully, a vampire bursts from the ground. Custom Request Starring Bella Sweets The video begins with the camera looking down at the floor where an empty dress, veil, and cloak lay on the floor. At first, the clothes on the floor look harmless, but then some movement is seen under the clothes. Then slowly the dress, veil, and cloak begin to rise up with the hood of the cloak completely covering the head, and the veil covering her front side. Eventually, as the cloak rises, and the dress comes to a complete standing position, a vampire bride is revealed by moving her hood a little. She then looks at herself and embraces her body by wrapping the fabrics around her. She then walks around the room for a bit (full body shot) and then notices the viewer (camera). She mentions to the viewer that shes a vampire bride looking for a husband to dominate over and she asks if the viewer wants to marry her. She slowly comes closer to the camera, but then some holy water is splashed onto her face. She then moans in agony as she realizes she begins to melt. She looks at the ground and notices that shes getting smaller (the bride slowly sits down on the floor and the camera pans between the floor as the fabric piles up and the bride moans in agony). The melting process begins as she stands up from the sitting position and looks at herself, then toward the camera as she exclaims Oh no! Im melting! She begins to descend to the ground [camera view changes to the bottom of the dress as it begins to pile up] as she exclaims Im getting smaller! My feet are melting away! From there, she continues to descend into the floor, moaning sexually as she goes, and the dress, and cloak begin to pile up on the ground. At some point during the melting process, the camera view should switch between a level full body shot, the floor shot...
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