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Mistress May - These Feet Will COST you! - HD 1080p MP4 - Bratty Foot Girls girls nTo find more videos from
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Length:10 min
now. As she slowly draws him in, he stutters. May is hanging out when a man walks in looking for her roommate. He met her on a dating site and has come over to pick her up, however May soon informs him shes running late after work and he can just hang out. He looks nervous as May eyes him. She seems to know his face and starts to quiz him. It suddenly dawens on him hes standing in front of his biggest online Domme obsession. May knows who he is as she tells him hes been gooning for her for a while now. He stutters as she slowly draws him into her web. SHe wants to play with him and see what makes him tock. She demands his credit card so she can do some online shopping, in exchange she lets him rub her sweaty socked feet. He. cant control himself as May slowly pushes all his button, asking about varous deisgner outfits on his dime, but knowing hed do anything to see her dressed in them. Soon the smell of her well worn socks drifts up to his nostrils, ffurthering her grip on his psyche. She commands him to sniff her socks and keep rubbing as she drains his bank account further. Soon she tells him to remove her socks and continue to smell her sweaty bare feet. The sour scent is overpowering but the grip she has over hi now is intense, she continues the drain before telling him to lay under her as she starts commanding him to sniff and worship her feet by smelling them all over. She smushes...
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