Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This medical role play

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This medical role playSweet Dreams Are Made Of This medical role playTo find more videos from
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Studio:Natalie Wonder Clips
Length:15 minutes
doctor at a clinic and I am the patient. You are interviewing me after I take your latest medication, asking me routine questions. You are slightly flirty but professional. You mention that I should be drifting off soon. You pat my chest as I drift off and begin rubbing my chest absentmindedly. You find you really like touching my body. You want to stay professional but...no ones looking, right? You touch all over my chest, kiss my face, checking over your shoulder to make sure no-one comes in. You cant believe how fucking hot I am. You lift up my shirt and even kiss my chest a bit. Before you know it, youre rubbing my dick. You cant help it. You pull it out and just marvel at it. Inspecting it, playing with it,...
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